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Real Change Means System Change

We need to build compassion back into our public services. To be clear, I’m talking about the system, not the people who work in it. Some months ago, I attended a forum about youth in care, which brought together youth, whose guardian is effectively the Minister of Social Development, with social workers who work in the system. At one point, […]

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Governing for the Common Good

I’m not sure when the canyon opened up between us and our government, but we are at risk of falling in unless the government formed after the September election is committed to bridging it. The secrecy must end, the attitude has to change, and trust must be restored. The edge of the cliff we are standing on is a democratic […]

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Coon: Ending in Collins case a ‘bad day for democracy’ – Telegraph Journal – 27 July 2018

“This represents a level of political interference that has reached dizzying heights – heights we haven’t seen so far in this legislative assembly,” Coon said. “It is corrupting the very work of the seat of our democracy. It’s a bad day for democracy, and New Brunswickers need and deserve better.” Article by: KATRINA CLARKE A committee of politicians wants MLA […]

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A Just Society Unites Us – Injustice Divides Us

My first real memory of politics was Pierre Trudeau’s advocacy for a just society. As an eleven year old, this vision for our county inspired me. If politics was capable of bringing about social change, it was something I wanted to know more about. This was also the era of Louis Robichaud’s program of social equality, continued by Richard Hatfield, […]

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